Croatian Qualifications Framework is based on european policies. Therefore, the Ministry of Science and Education and other bodies use EU co-funded projects to develop and implement the CROQF, as well as to foster the development of educational and study programmes in line with the CROQF methodology.

3 January 2024

Ministry of Science and Education published a public calls that lasted through the April, May and first part of June 2023, for all interested applicants to develop qualification standards in higher education.

13 December 2023

The National Council for Development of Human Potential organised with the Ministry of Science and Education annual conference Does the Croatian Qualification Framework contribute to the adaptation of the e

9 March 2023

Ministry of Science and Education organised three workshops The connection of micro-credentials in higher education

January 2016
Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MSES) was selected in a consortium with the Polish Institute of Education and the Scottish Qualifications Authority to implement a twinning project in Macedonia.