The minister of science, education and sport, in consent with the minister of labour and pension system, the minister of economy, the minister of entrepreneurship and crafts and the minister of regional development and EU funds, issued the Ordinance on CROQF Register, which was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia (No.62/2014) on May 22, 2014.

This implementing act of the Croatian Qualifications Framework Act regulates the following: the content and the manner of conduct of the CROQF Register, applications for the entry into the Register, content and form of requests for the entry into the Register, assessment of the submitted requests, entry procedures, names of the Sectoral councils, the selection of Sectoral councils’ members and its tasks and the external and the internal quality assurance system.

In short, the CROQF Register is a system for the registration and integration of occupational standards with the qualifications standards through units of competences and units of learning outcomes.

All registered standards shall be public and aimed at enhancing the development of new curricula based on learning outcomes, that is, units of competences which meet the needs of the labour market.

The Ordinance stipulates the establishment of the Sectoral councils, advisory and professional bodies that will assess proposals of units of learning outcomes, occupational standards and qualifications standards. Once the Ordinance is issued and in force, first Sectoral councils will be set up.